Dating Rights


Just like driving a car, going to school or playing a sport, dating someone comes with both rights and responsibilities. Print these out and post them as a reminder for yourself and others. But first, look at them carefully and ask yourself if you are violating someone else's rights - or if someone is violating yours. Are you fulfilling your responsibilities? Are you respecting your rights and the rights of your date?

Your rights ...

I have the right to:

1.      To be treated with respect always

2.To my own body, thoughts, opinions, and property

3. To choose and keep my friends

4. To change my mind - at any time

5 . To not be abused - physically, emotionally or sexually

6.      To leave a relationship

7.      To say no

8.      To be treated as an equal

9.      To disagree

10.      To live without fear and confusion from my boyfriend's or girlfriend's anger

Your Responsibilities

I have the responsibility:

1.      To not threaten to harm myself or another

2.      To encourage my girlfriend or boyfriend to pursue their dreams

3.      To support my girlfriend or boyfriend emotionally

4.      To communicate, not manipulate

5.      To not humiliate or demean my girlfriend or boyfriend

6.      To refuse to abuse - physically, emotionally or sexually

7.      To take care of myself

8.      To allow my boyfriend or girlfriend to maintain their individuality

9.      To respect myself and my girlfriend or boyfriend

10.      To be honest with each other




10 Ways to make Friends


1.       Figure out who you want to be friends with and why you like these people.


2.       Get involved with after school activities such as sports, religious groups, or other things that interest you.


3. Introduce yourself and remember names.


4.       Work on good conversation skills so that you get better at both listening and talking.


5.       Be sensitive to other people.


5.       Take compliments politely without seeming full of yourself. Give compliments to others in a sincere way.

6.       Take your time making friends.


5.       Be willing to risk rejections. It's possible that someone may not be open to making new friends. It's still important to take the chance.


9. Be positive and upbeat.

10. Give parties to spend time with both new and old friends.